Simple things are winning things

Loved this post about a shoppers experience at 3 different stores. Which customer experience do you think your store is creating? Is there something you can all do as a collective to help customers ‘tick things off their list’ as they go about their day? What simple change could you make today to improve your customer’s experience? The author, Sheridan Orr, writes:

I come from a long line of shoppers—perhaps that is why I am so passionate about retail. When I was growing up my mother, grandmother and great grandmother would drag me off for marathon shopping trips each Saturday.

We would frequent stores where the clerks all knew my grandmothers. They would set aside things that might possibly interest them. They knew their names, sizes, tastes and those of my other family members. Contrast that with my experience this Saturday morning.

The Experience

I had a simple list. Pick up a book club selection, find wrapping paper and a card for a gift, and a cake for a cookout. Fairly simple stuff—or so you’d think.

Read more about it here:



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