Making the most of the rural and regional retail experience

This post on Smart Company today is right up our alley. Thanks Kevin Moore from Crossmark for sharing your insights on a recent ‘Retail road trip’.

There are some great regional experiences to be had in Australia, and it does only take a little bit of effort to promote your town as a must stop destination for passing through visitors. Things like:

  • Ensuring you have attraction signage
  • Listing more than your phone number on your town’s website – why should people visit you? What can they buy, see, experience?
  • Know about your area so you can recommend other businesses and spread the visitor dollar around! Maybe this could be formally done with a retailers newsletter so we you can all keep up to date with everyone’s news and specials

And if you are feeling really adventurous, why not think about how to entice the visitor back for a longer stay next time? What stories can you tell to build a picture of town that is interesting and worth another stop, maybe longer next time…

Read on the full article on Kevin’s adventure through Shepparton, Temora and Yass here.


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