Finding it hard to get ‘approvals’ on new ideas? You’re not alone

This is a great article from David Brukus on the science behind rejection. Seems human beings are inherently geared towards supported what they are already comfortable with. And that can mean rejecting the unknown or uncertain – a new idea.

Building a local marketing strategy with other traders, or working with stakeholder groups to pull together a local economic development plan can be hard work, and a leap into the unknown. You know you are going to face opposition, criticism and rejection at some point. It’s only natural.

Regardless of how open-minded people are, they experience a subtle bias against creative ideas when faced with uncertain situations.

The trick is to keep going. Push through the uncertainty. Question what would happen if nothing changed. It reminds me of a book a have been reading, The Trusted Advisor, which basically talks about not giving clients the answers, but rather questioning to lead them to the same conclusions as you. But more on that later…

So how do you push new ideas and how do you cope with rejection?


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