Imaging cities

Anyone attending the next Melbourne conversations? Looks o be an interesting one (again!).

C. J. Lim will deliver a free public lecture, Imagining the Emergent City, at RMIT Storey Hall, 342 Swanston Street, Melbourne, August 20, 6pm-7.30pm.

As an RMIT Visiting Professor, Lim will encourage the master of architecture and landscape architecture students to speculate on an alternative future for Melbourne and its potential for growth as a ”healthy city”. Fishermans Bend and development in the city’s west will be their focus.

”While food security is not an issue in Australia, accessibility to nutrition and community gardens is if we are to be a healthy city,” Lim says. ”Apart from minimising food miles, urban gardens and urban agriculture are an important vehicle for social cohesion. Getting bodies moving in an age of computers and sedentary lifestyles. Knowing your neighbours and talking to communities, getting out there is also important. Cities have the same ingredients but different priorities. So you can take this menu and arrange which is the appetiser and which is the main course.

I think this should be a fascinating discussion on what makes a great city. If you’re attending, feel free to add your thoughts here and continue the discussion.

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