A lucky country is a liveable country?

New Start magazine recently asked the question – What makes Australia so liveable? With four for our cities named in the Top 10 of the recent most liveable city list (including Melbourne making it to the number 1 spot this year).

Well, Tim Horton, South Australia’s Commissioner for Integrated Design answered the question with this article. I’m loving a South Australian perspective, always great to viewpoint outside Sydney or Melbourne. Good Reading, check out this tidbit:

Among a number of initiatives, its flagship project has been the Integrated Design Strategy for Inner Adelaide – Australia’s only capital city strategic planning process conceived as a partnership between the Australian government, key state ministries and local councils. Its chief aim is to develop a new, design-led model for city shaping in Australia. It’s shown how to connect COAG’s nine criteria to state government objectives and local council targets. Not separate and competing, but interdependent and mutually reinforcing. The project is given a working title based on the central city postcode, 5000.

Now 5000+ is prototyping a new way to dynamically engage people in ideas for their communities. We call it ‘intelligent engagement by design’ where the research and ideation of the design process is merged with what is so often separated out as a specific window of ‘consultation’ on policy development. Central to this is design leadership from built environment professionals, researchers and thinkers, creatives and others operating from a published and accessible evidence base. It operates on a principle that our collective vision for a place should be the basis for a new set of rules based on new information, in preference to today’s cities where yesterday’s rules tend to limit the scope and potential for change.


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