Getting it mapped

Maps can be a great tool to visualise information about a place, and lately I’ve seen a few fab examples I have to share.

The first is an online app called Walkonomics. Walkonomics judges and ranks 600, 000 streets in the US and UK to promote the health of local economies and their residents. Read more via PSFK:

The C4 mapping projects aims to identify the cultural assets of the Claiborne, New Orleans neighbourhood.

The C4 Mapping Project will focus on the Corridor’s local cultural assets, and will identify and engage with the City’s culture-makers, including formal organizations, traditional practitioners, and other independent cultural producers. The C4 Mapping Project will bring together many types of information for the first time to help the City deploy its resources to better support and enhance the places where we live, work, and practice.

The C4 Mapping Project will identify cultural practices and organizations, performance spaces, krewes and social clubs, artist studios, farmer’s and art markets, restaurants, parade routes, live music venues, and many more cultural assets. The C4 Mapping Project will also include locations of churches and local schools, special zoning districts, neighborhood boundaries, roads and highways, green spaces, incentive zones, public transportation routes, and additional helpful information along the Corridor.

Everyone can be involved by suggested places to map. Read more about it here:

And locally, have you checked out Victoria Walks? You can create you favourite walks for everyone to enjoy on There’s walks to find the best street art, walks through parks, etc. It’s a great idea to encourage people to get out more, and it’s interesting to see how others view their neighbourhoods.

Of course, here at the local experience, we make maps too! Our maps focus on drawing users attention to the stories of the place, the best food and drink stops, places for kids etc – whatever makes your place special, we maps it. If your town would like a custom map to highlight the great spots you have to offer the visitor, please get in touch to hear about what we can do!


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