Is your visitor offering up to date?

Is it time to rethink what we offer to tourists? We think so.

There’s a growing consumer trend towards experience over things. It’s what trendwatching calls ‘Transumers’:

TRANSUMERS are consumers driven by experiences instead of the ‘fixed’, by entertainment, by discovery, by fighting boredom, who increasingly live a transient lifestyle, freeing themselves from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions. The fixed is replaced by an obsession with the here and now, an ever-shorter satisfaction span, and a lust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible.* Hey, the past is, well, over, and the future is uncertain, so all that remains is the present, living for the ‘now’.


This post from Harbinger Consulting explains it further:

The visitor experience can be comprised of, or determined by:

  • Interactions with People
  • Product (broadly understood)
  • Sense of place
  • Perceptions, sensations
  • Market Position
  • Value for Money

Like customer or user experience, the intention of understanding visitor or tourist experience is to ensure that visitor expectations are met and that this will lead to either repeat or lengthened stays or stops. Because an experience is inherently personal and can engage or involve an individual at different levels namely, rational, emotional, sensorial, physical and also spiritual (Schmitt, 1999), expectations can often be subjective and difficult to gauge. Tourism Queensland’s formulation of audience segments provides some insight into the preferences of visitor types.

The framework developed for this project recognises that visitor experience is the result of many interactions and actions.

The intention is to enhance visitor experience by building:

  • A sense of place and local identity
  • Sustainable and viable tourism and enterprise (local economy)
  • Vitality and engagement

These outcomes will be of benefit to the local community and to visitors alike. This framework, while useful for developing our study, does not replace destination management planning and development, and is intended to anchor any ongoing destination management efforts.

Read the full article here:

Need help redefining your visitor experience? We may be able to help. Contact us for a chat.


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