Using artists to create spaces

Using the term ‘artist’ loosely, there has of course long been an association between public art and attracting people to an area. But there’s been a few developments lately worth noting.

First is a fabulous project created by The Border Project and Melbourne Zoo.

What’s it all about:

I, Animal is a world-first interactive experience – part multi-media tour, part theatrical experience, part animal encounter – that has been designed for adults only at Melbourne Zoo.

Launching on 23 November 2012, I, Animal uses ground-breaking technology to take you on a remarkable, and surprisingly emotive, journey through the interior of Melbourne Zoo at night.

You will embark on an unexpected, provocative adventure that explores our pre-conceptions about the animal kingdom and questions the boundaries between human and animal.

Sound awesome or what?

The next is the announcement that a National Local Government Cultural Forum has been established in partnership with The Cultural Development Network (CDN), the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and Global Cities Research Institute (RMIT University), and is part of the Australia Council for the Arts, Community Partnerships’ National Sector Development Initiative.

It will generate ideas and learn from the experiences of over 500 councils in Australia; and provide a laboratory of CACD practice for testing new ways of strengthening communities and improving health and wellbeing through the arts.

So there seems to be some great developments happening in the arts/community space and I look forward to hearing more. Anything interesting happening in your area? How could you utilise ‘artists’ to create an experience for your area?


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