Start local – the movie

Such is the interest in shopping locally and what results it can bring to local economies, that two Canadian film makers are set to document it.

Nate Lacroix and Ashley Matt are setting out to discover what it really means to shop locally in this feature length documentary about a small community in Ontario. The film will primarily take place in Midland and the surrounding Huronia region, where many residents are now returning to the idea of a locally based economy to combat hard economic times.

Start Local will not only examine the economic impact of shopping locally, but will also attempt to uncover the social implication it has on a community.

The pair are excited about the progress the film is already making “The film will take place in our home town, however we hope it will serve as an inspiring example of what other towns around the globe can do to become more locally focused.”

But the movie still needs to be made, and the filmmakers are asking for people’s help with a crowdfunding platform. It’s a nifty idea that we’ve talking about before, and there’s film credits up for grabs. Check it out here:


There’s a great number of reasons to buy locally. This fabulous blog from a family attempting to buy locally for 365 days sites:

A June 2010 study released by Local First Arizona found that SCF Arizona’s ‘buy local’ attitude leads to $528 million economic impact as they switched to sourcing 82% of its goods and services from other Arizona companies.

A 2007 San Francisco retail diversity study analyzes the market share of several categories as to what percentage is held by chains or locally-owned businesses. It then calculates that if 10% of spending were shifted from chains to locals it would increase economic output by almost $192 million, create almost 1,300 new jobs, provide almost $72million in new income for workers, and create over $15 million in additional retail activity.

Where have you been spending lately? To find out more about how you can shop locally, sign up to our enews or like our facebook page.


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