Mainstreets as cultural icons

If you needed any evidence that the public love and are concerned about their local mainstreets, this is it. The Yarra Ranges Regional Museum is hosting a series of ‘pop up museums’ around the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

The theme of the pop-up museum is small business and retail in local main streets. The exhibition will ask, what are we proud of in our main streets, past and present, how have they changed and what will they look like in the future?

As well as showcasing museum displays, the pop-up museum is a place to share community knowledge about our main streets. Main streets bring people together, and the museum wants to hear the stories about this has happened, does happened nad how this is changing.

According to the Musem’s Curator of Public Programs, Megan Sheehy, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum wants to capture the unique stories of small business owners, and businesses which contribute to the unique character of our townships.

“They (retail precincts) have and will continue to change rapidly, so we are hoping to present some historical perspective on this. Interestingly, most of the influences of change have been quite predictable – boom and bust of different industries, different modes of transport over time and the expansion of suburbia into more rural areas. Still, we are finding some interesting stories.’

The pop up museums hope to seek stories and material to loan for a major new exhibition about changing main streets in Yarra Ranges. The exhibition will run from 9th November 2013 until the 2nd March 2014 at Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Lilydale. Can’t wait.


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