Throwing open the doors, 3 things to consider

Last weekend saw The State Library of Victoria’s ‘Carnival of Curiosity’. It was a day to explore and discover new parts to the library and engage with storytelling, books, history and multimedia. Of course, it was an awesome day, attracted lots of people and I’m sure everyone came away from it with a new understanding of what the State Library has in its collection and the different services on offer. I know I did.

Can you open the doors to your business or area? If you need more people to know who you are, what you do best, and everything you have to offer, an open day type of event might work for you. How’s some things to think about to get you organised:

Promotion: Tell everyone about your event – letterbox drop the local area, post on social media, advertise, and involve local media.

Interaction: Think about ways to move people around to different parts of your street and store. Think about how to get them to learn something new while they are there – preferably in a fun way! Games, quizzes, exhibits, videos, talks, etc.

Follow up: How are you going to capture the names and email addresses of your visitors, how are you going to get them to come back again after your event? Could you ask them to interact with you on social media?

Events can be time consuming and a little overwhelming to pull together. But there are also huge rewards, imagine picking up a group of new engaged and informed customers who know and love what you do. Planned well, this is indeed what can happen.

As always, you can talk to us for help. We can put together an event plan for you and/or get organising.

Had a successful event? Tell us about it and you could feature on the local experience.


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