The first step…

So, you’ve developed some creative courage and decided to start putting your thoughts, ideas, projects, creations and accomplishments out there for all to see (and comment on). Eek! Where do you start? If, like me, you have not been endowed with the fortunes of a long lost great aunt or you didn’t enter into, and get out before the bust of the dot-com bubble, you don’t have a whole lot of cash to splash.

That’s okay. There’s this brilliant invention called the internet. Many fabulous people (you know who you are, hopefully, cause in most cases I don’t, and cannot thank you personally!) have toiled away, trying every conceivable idea that can make your life easier with online tools. Many of them are particularly helpful for starting a business. Or getting more reach for an existing business. Hooray!

There’s also a lot of resources around on business plans, marketing tips, etc, etc, etc. Just do a Google search, and link on the most credible links to start – like small business bodies, industry associations. Overwhelmed? Yep, that it is.

Unfortunately there’s no one right way to start anything (and you’ll quickly sort out the good from the terrible). There’s no secret formula that you must master. You will find your way to be creative and add your voice to the world the way you need to. You just need to start!

But, if you want any tips and tricks from someone who’s been there, you might want to check out my upcoming workshops. There are especially for those of you who are thinking about working for yourself, but haven’t quite made or the leap, or are in the first tentative stages. You can do it!

10245402_230684060459780_448593368325929064_nStart your online presence

Learn about DIY websites, social media and creating a brand for your small, creative business or brand ‘you’.

Friday 27 June, 10am at Walker St Gallery Dandenong, $25.90 or bring a friend for $36 (plus booking fee)

Create a svelte start up

Setting up a small business without the huge overheads – it can be done. Find out how at this workshop where we discuss DIY websites and online presence, simple business planning and marketing activities.

Friday 4 July, 1pm, Maroondah BizHub, Civic Rd Ringwood, $25.90 or bring a friend for $36 (plus booking fee)