We’re all in this together

It’s been an intense few months. Awesomely intense, but also draining. It’s been great to get my hands onto some meaty projects. I’ve been overseeing an organisational review to find the income blocks, campaigning for election funding, trying to find lego hirers for a construction/problem solving workshop for kids, launching author talks, stalking the family history of William Barak for a multimedia exhibition and impressing ten 7 year olds with my baking soda/vinegar explosions for my son’s birthday party.

And, as happens when we are overloaded and trying to get too much done, we can miss the joy in these tasks. In the blur, I had started to wonder what I was doing all this for. Will I ever be able to equally manage all the time demands that are placed on me? (The perennial working mum’s question!)

But there are huge benefits in being able to do so much. Not just for my intellectual exercise, my excitement at the things I get to do and hopefully, the benefits and community and the people around me are seeing because of it. If I remember what and how is most important, and say no when needed, I’ll get there. Theme song: Touch.

I have a few projects ready to talk more about soon so stay tuned..I’ll be posting again shortly 🙂



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