*$#*@%! and other responses to crisis

Today is not going well. I’ve got the Andrea Bocelli ‘Time to say Goodbye’ pumped for full dramatic effect.

What’s happened? My main computer is dead. The laptop I have everything on – accounts, ideas, photos, past work, CV. Everything. Do I have a backup? Not for about a year (I know, I know!).

So where does this leave me? I have to get a Melbourne Knowledge Week project to print this week. I have half finished jobs lost. I have finished jobs I haven’t billed for yet – what do I need to invoice for? I don’t know. It’s all gone.

Why do these always happen at the worst possible moment?

So, what’s next, time to rally!

  • Laptop at the repairers to see if there’s anything that can be saved. You never know, and he’s promised to get it back to me by Saturday.
  • I still have a Mac. Worst case, I start Melbourne for Idealists again in a mad, panicked, but brilliant stroke of time management over the weekend.
  • Hope the tax man never asks to see full records of my accounts (you see there was this day, close to deadline when I lost everything…opps..)
  • Throw some stuff around to feel better ..or maybe not..but I am a hopelessly hilarious runner, any other suggestions to relieve the tension?

Ah geez, it could be worse and it can only get better. Melbourne for Idealists will somehow happen. Clients, I figure something out. I better get back to my crisis!


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