There’s still power in print

It’s a little startling to me, but I have been around long enough now to have noticed a few changes in the way we communicate. When social media burst on to the scenes, honestly it was a little like watching young women fight over discounted shoes at a stocktake sale. There really was people who thought these platforms were the answer to everything.

I had a conversation the other day that reminds me that some people are still firmly of this view. I disagree.

Okay, so, all cards on the table here – I am biased. I love print. I love having a physical things in my hands. I love the process of enhancing images and added the words around them in interesting ways to create a publication.

But I am always on Google and frankly, have a bit of an addiction to facebook. I don’t think the two have to be in competition. It’s not one or the other – you ‘re not either online and still doing old school print. It’s more about knowing how to use each one well. Print can be awesome, online is so helpful. They are just channels, that need to fit the intention of the campaign.

And I’m not alone in thinking this. The New York Times had recent article on the resurgence of catalogues NYTas a thing of beauty. Creating and sending a magazine to my top clients when I ran Grid Maps was a masterstroke. It was so well received and orders started rolling in.

As a method of educating or changing attitudes there are some really great things you can do. The OPSM pirate story for kids that also performs simple eye tests like testing for colour blindness is a case in point. Brilliant. And it integrates print and online technology. Double brilliant.

Thinking about how you can use print or create a campign to inform, educate and engage? Let’s chat. I’m already excited!


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