Knowledge is a privilege

Last week, I farewelled my grandmother, the last of my grandparents. She was 79 and had been ill for some time. We got to share a special last hour or so together before she passed. It was super special and I’ll be eternally grateful to have those moments.

With the passing of that generation, so too passes a lot of the knowledge accumulated over a lifetime. There are so many things I wished I’d known when I was younger, and I am guessing that feeling will continue as I keep discovering more about myself and the world around me. Perhaps that is the point of life and we can’t skip quickly through it, but need to build up our knowledge with experiences and information acquired over time. I am determined to pass on as much information as I can in my lifetime through my work (marketing and community for behaviour change and the promotion of culture) and life.

My grandmother grew up poor. She was one of 12 children. The three youngest girls (including herself) had one ‘going out dress’ between them which they would take in turns to wear. Books were a luxury well beyond her means. Even going to school was a luxury and she left after primary school so she could work and help the family pay the bills.

Fortunately, she worked hard, and her life is not at all familiar to me. Not only did I finish high school, I worked part time so I could buy myself new books and the latest CDs. I bought myself a car as soon as I could so I could explore the world, see new places and learn new things. I went on to further education and current have 2 postgraduate qualifications.

Grief gives you time to reflect, be thankful for everything someone else was in your life and make sure their stories continue to live inside you and your descendents.

As someone who has loved learning, books and the opportunity to share my knowledge with others, I am launching an online bookstore today. I am keeping an eye out for all the best, most fascinating and most helpful pieces of information I can find and will keep adding a curated list of top finds here.

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Thanks for reading and give someone you love a hug today, it’s so important.

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