How you can help Nepal

In minutes, Nepal moved metres. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, centuries of history flattened. And now there’s an immediate need for help.

Here’s a quick list of some of the ways you can help the people of Nepal:

Mapping locations with GPS

Volunteers use aerial images from satellites to mark open spaces where helicopters or planes might land with supplies, highlight streets between towns and villages, and outline buildings that aid groups can use to guess where victims might be. Using OpenStreetMap technology—known as the “Wikipedia of maps”—they build continuously updated maps that can be used online or downloaded into navigation devices.

They’re asking you to map wells because there’s only water in every couple of villages.


Give money

As Claire Bennet said on The Guardian:

What Nepal needs right now is not another untrained bystander, however much her heart is hurting.

Australian Volunteers International agrees:

Humanitarian assistance after a disaster can be complex, requiring specialist skills and training. We strongly urge people willing to help with the rebuilding process to donate to or contact the following organisations:

Sanitation and hygiene are some of the immediate needs facing the community. The Global Women’s Project works in Nepal and set up an emergency relief fund, which is helping to put togther things like oral rehydration salts, chlorine, phenyl, gloves, masks, hand soap, sanitiser, toilet paper and sanitary pads.

And 99Designs is matching any donation you give! Donate here.

Document the damage

If you are in Nepal, you can help document the damage to cultural assets here.


And if you are in Melbourne, there’s a candlelight vigil in Fed Square this Saturday.


Whatever any of us can do, I’m sure it will make a huge difference.


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