A thank you

What a tough few weeks. Parenting, life even, is a tough gig. Navigating your way through roadblocks, big decisions, drama and getting it all done is exhausting, and the answers are not even close to clear. There might not even be any ‘answers’.

I am not the sort who asks for help, it’s not my thing. So, what then, do I do when life throws me some challenges I am completely unprepared for?

I have been so blessed to find some truly amazing people who have assisted me in ways I cannot possibility thank them enough for. I didn’t need to ask, they saw my distress and mustered me about with the determination I lacked and the clarity I needed.

Truly, I have an amazing bunch of fantastic souls in my world. Not just close friends but others have really wanted to help. I am learning that it is just as important for the helpers to give their assistance, as it is for me to receive it. Yep, it’s taken awhile, but I’ve got the message.

Thank you to everyone who’s been there for me the past few weeks, from a friendly smile to a considerate ear. Appreciated, beyond belief.