Yes, you still need a newsletter

I just opened up one of the monthly enews I receive from an industry body,  to scroll through for any important bits of info I might need, as I do every month.

One news story stopped me in my tracks. It went something like this…

‘We will not be producing these emails any longer. Please friend our facebook page for the latest.’

Whoa Nelly! Hold those horses a little. There’s a couple of issues here:

  1. You don’t ‘friend’ a facebook page anymore. You like it. Sometimes the news from that page shows up in your personal news feed, mostly it doesn’t. Pages aren’t you friends so facebook does not prioritise your content over a person’s friend.
  2. Facebook is a business. It therefore has to make money. It does that by encouraging pages to spend advertising dollars with them to make sure more people are seeing the page’s posts. If you are happy to pay more to have your news seen, facebook is the way to go.
  3. Enews platforms are generally free or low cost.
  4. Facebook changes it’s algorithms all the time. If you are using that as your only communication medium, you will need to be completely on top of these changes to know how to adjust your posting strategy.
  5. Once you have a subscriber, you know they are engaged with you. They want to hear from you, they potentially want to buy from you. In other words, they are yours to lose.
  6. You want to move people from interested to keen to purchaser…enews makes that process easier and cheaper.

Basically, you need to have a list, keep building your list, and keep supplying quality content to your list to grow your fans into avid supporters.

Please don’t abandon a platform if you think it’s not performing. Send it to me first! I’d be happy to have a look at your enews stats and provide some recommendations.

I recently updated the layout of an enewsletter for a client and moved the click through rates from 2.7% to 9.8%. There are tweaks you can do that will improve the results you are getting. If someone has signed up for your enews, they want to hear from you!

My Creating Extraordinary Enews package includes:
– your news over time analysis
– up to 10 recommendations for improvement
Normally $250, but mention my blog and receive it for only $95. Book it in.

Or ask me about producing your enews for you. I know they can be time consuming, but they are worth it.


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