Why we need wonder

Lore Makers

I remember when I was small, a section of our back steps grew moss on the ground DSC_0833underneath it. There really wasn’t any other moss in the garden and I was fascinated with how soft it was, and different to the other plants and grass in the garden. Why was it there and nowhere else? What was moss anyway? I was entertained for hours and regularly went to check on the moss patch (how awesome was my childhood?!).

That sense of awe and wonder is something I believe is important to maintain and cultivate throughout our lives. Awe is described as an overwhelming sense of admiration and reverence over things that are outside of our understanding of the world.

A 2015 study found that developing our sense of wonder has huge benefits, to ourselves and to our communities as a whole. Researchers found:

Our investigation indicates that awe, although…

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