We can see the decline of small business and local mainstreet retailers and it’s concerning.

But we also see a resurgence in the need for community and a thirst for unique experiences. So, we think there’s a huge opportunity here to reinvent how we see  our mainstreets and town centres, and we’re watching growing movements in the US and UK with interest. There are some exciting things happening in Australia too, so we aim to bring you all the resources we can to help build a memorable local experience.

The local experience was been created to help build strong local communities and businesses, because:

  • Small businesses are at the heart of the community
  • Places create a shared experience
  • Stories, play and fun are the glue connecting place, people and spaces.

We believe strong local communities & businesses have:

AWARENESS – consumers and visitors know the USP for your area, and are engaged with your messages

ATTRACTIVENESS – there is a range of unique businesses in the area, public spaces are used well, there’s no empty buildings and there’s a ‘vibe’ to the area

CAPACITY – new ideas are sort, decisions are made, business owners have the capacity to be successful and everyone works together to achieve common goals.

We aim to create absorbing, interesting and educating stories and tools for visitors to engage with local businesses and places.

And we can help through:

  • Marketing plan development and review
  • Unique selling point identification workshops
  • Asset mapping
  • Tourism product development
  • Place making project management
  • Other interpretive or event services to engage your visitors in your local area

See our Services page for more info.

Find out more about our local experience guides for raising engagement.

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Say Hello.

Who are we? This is  project of if creative. Our principal consultant is Roberta Styles-Wood. Find out more about me here: au.linkedin.com/in/rstyleswood/ or ask for a bio.

Follow our blog, facebook and twitter to stay up to date with what’s happening to build strong local communities and businesses. This is such a huge and all encompassing area of study so we’ll curate content so you get a roundup of information you need to know from topics such as:

  • Local Economic Development or Community Economic Development
  • Small Business development
  • Tourism and the visitor experience
  • Place making
  • Creative activation of empty spaces
  • Local marketing

Basically, we cover the future of retail places. So, who are we doing this for?

Retail innovators, local government masterminds, community builders, tourism flag flyers and all those interested in making better places, stronger communities and sustainable economies. In other words, you!

Please drop us a line if there’s more you’d like to see or you have some news to share.


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