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Welcome to our bookshop. It’s a carefully selected range of books and ebooks – some from us, some from our affiliates. Enjoy!

coverMelbourne for Idealists

A self guided tour to the spots in the CBD that tell the story of Melbourne’s idealist founding.

$8 plus postage, Booklet, 2014,  if creative & strategy






Activation_InspirationcoverActivation Inspiration

Interviews, case studies and video inspiration about how towns and cities are engaging people in their local area.

$5, Ebook, 2014, if creative & strategy






Books from our affiliates


deepening-communityDeepening Community by Paul Born

We have a choice, says Paul Born, between shallow or deep community life. Will we react to the instability of our times by defining ourselves selfishly or out of fear? Or will we deepen our experience of community, reaching out to others and building a life of joy? Using stories from his experience growing up among people displaced by war, insights from his career as a community activist, writer, and speaker, and the results of interviews with 500 people, Born shows how we can deepen community by: sharing our story: achieving unity by opening doors between us; enjoying one another: spendings time together, in person, often; caring for one another: building a sense of belonging through mutual acts of care; and working together for a better world: sharing a belief that creates a benefit for all and that moves from a life of us/them to one of all of us, together.



corporate-impactCorporate Impact by Adrian Henriques

It is widely accepted that sustainability has an inescapable social component, but companies find it very hard to understand and measure their social impacts. Why is this? This book, by noted CSR practitioner, consultant and educator Adrian Henriques, provides the first coherent approach towards identifying, understanding, measuring and accounting for corporate social impact.






lentil-as-anythingFood, Culture, Community by Lentil As Anything

Lentil as Anything: Food, Culture, Community is a publication celebrating food, writing, and cultural diversity with profiles of key chefs at the Lentil as Anything restaurants, their favourite mouth-watering recipes, interviews with staff members, and writing from established Australian authors Arnold Zable, Alice Pung, Tara June Winch.

Through the lives, struggles, and triumphs of many wonderful people, Lentil as Anything: Food, Culture, Community captures the essence of community in a unique cultural and culinary work of exceptional depth.

Profit from sales of the book will be donated to Lentil as Anything to directly assist the many Lentil as Anything community projects. Lentil as Anything has helped shape our cultural identity for more than a decade!


Our World by One Arm Point Remote Community School

Our World: Bardi-Jaawi life at Ardiyooloon takes readers inside the lives of the children of a remote Indigenous community — lives very different to those experienced by most Australians.

The children take readers camping and fishing, share traditional stories and dances, show them how to find a waterhole, track, cook and eat bush tucker and animals such as turtles, crabs, oysters and clams, and make spears, boomerangs, bough shelters and bush brooms. Created by the children themselves, it is full of colourful illustrations and amazing photographs of the students experiencing their world and keeping alive the age-old traditions of their people.


the-game-changerThe Game Changer by Dr Jason Fox

There are two conventional ways to approach motivation: set goals and try to change attitudes and beliefs (which takes a lot of personalised effort); or develop incentives and rewards to inspire effort (which takes a lot of money).

This book shows you how to take a third new approach – designing the work itself to be inherently motivating.

Combining the best elements of three distinct fields-motivational science, game design, and agile management-this book shows you how to positively influence behaviour through better work and project design.




vicmapBlue Dog Education maps and posters


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