We believe strong communities have Great Awareness, Attractiveness and Capacity

What does that mean?

Awareness – simply, visitors and locals know what your place has to offer and they use they facilities. You have defined the unique selling point to your area.

Attractiveness – these are the events, the use of public spaces, the mix of businesses etc that your area irresistible!

Capacity – you need to have successful business owners, a vibrant council, and collaboration between all parties to create an engaged community and a sustainable local economy. That means you need the resources to make it work.

And we want each visitor to have an absorbing, interesting or educating encounter with you (perferably all together!).

To raise awareness we can help with:

  • Location marketing plans to help get your message out there
  • Asset mapping of your community and community consultation to develop you USP
  • Content strategy and production to feed your many customer touch points
  • Local experience guides that give an overview of what’s special about your place
  • Developing experiences that create interactivity such as games.

To build capacity:

  • We have added a range of news stories and case studies to this site and there’s more coming so sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch.
  • We are hosting events to help generate new ideas and get your networking with like minded colleagues. Like us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop.
  • And we’ll have more resources coming soon. Let us know what you’d like to see.

To increase attractiveness:

  • We can help identify your needs to build a project team to help solve your issues.

Check out our flyer on what we do

Have an issue you need a solution for? Give drop us a line:


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