Local towns are counting the ways to share their experiences

An exciting new project celebrates small towns in Victoria through storytelling.

It’s called Let Me Count the Ways and it’s aim is to build state-wide community engagement across and in all regions.

As Roger Alsop explains ‘I am putting together a project where I want to ask people who live in small towns to document what they love about their town, (or really any aspect of their life) in any way they want to – for example movies from their phone, writing, pictures, etc – anything at all that people feel comfortable with. This will then be made available, with permission, on the web and in any other way the people who participate would like.’

All contributions are accepted. Everyone is welcome, and there is a focus on smaller regional towns.

Everything offered by the contributors will be made universally available through the web. Contributions from specific locations will also be made available to the residents of those locations for public presentation through local galleries, social groups, town halls, information centres, schools, and any other outlet deemed appropriate by the community; there will be assistance available for the public presentation.

Let Me Count the Ways shares the joys of location, personal interests and activities, and the everyday.

If you want to participate, send your contributors to


We look forwarding to seeing how this project progresses!